Helsingin Laulu in brief

Helsingin Laulu is a youthful, mixed choir of about 40 singers from the Helsinki metropolitan area, that is always ready for new challenges.

Helsingin Laulu was founded in 1951.

Operating under the auspices of the Toimela Settlement Institute, we have the capability of gathering small groups for musical projects.

In order to continuously develop singers we organize singing lessons, guidance for vocal training, and teaching of music theory and solmization.

Helsingin Laulu has also been successful over the years in both international and national choir competitions. In the summer of 2004 we won silver in Gorizia, Italy. We also took part in Tampereen Sävel (a well known Finnish choir festival held in the city of Tampere) in June 2009 and won two silvers.

Our artistic excellence was put to test at the 27th International Franz Schubert Choir Competition held in Vienna, Austria in November 2010. We beat all of our previous achievements by winning gold in the Sacred Choir Music category. In addition, we also took home a silver in the Mixed Choirs section, missing gold by only a whisker.

Since 1999, Helsingin Laulu has concentrated on Italian choir literature specialising in the music of old Italian masters like Claudio Monteverdi and Pierluigi da Palestrina, as well as modern composers like Bepi de Marzi, Roberto Padoin, Lamberto Pietropoli and Marco Maiero. We have visited Italy four times yet and have hosted choirs from Italy thrice.

Helsingin Laulu cooperates actively with other choirs in Finland too. Our last project with Kilven Kuoro premieried compositions by Säde Bartling with poems by Hannu Mäkelä. Our cooperation, over the past ten years, with the Lions Club of Floorankenttä has also been very important to us.

In addition to over ten charity and jubilee concerts we have also released three
CDs: Floora (spring and summer songs) in 1997, Enkelten Joulu (Christmas of the
Angels) in 2000, and Sylvian Joulu (Sylvia's Christmas) in 2007. Keeping with a Finnish-Italian theme, all compositions for our last CD were by Italian and Finnish composers.

Hanna Remes, Master of Arts in music, has been conductor of the choir since autumn 1998.